Centocor Cell Bank
Malvern, PA

Special material handling and cell testing laboratory, 10,000 SF renovation within existing building.
A new HVAC system shall be designed to heat, cool, humidify and filter the air serving the new
Cell Bank Production Area.


Production Area divided into validated Class 10,000 (ISO 7) Grade II spaces and non-validated
Class 100,000 (ISO 8) Grade III spaces. Two (2) roof top air handling units housing hot water heating
coil, chilled water coil, filters, return fan, supply fan and air blender will be provided.

Normal feeder from existing 120/208-volt 600 amp distribution panel. Normal/emergency feeder from
existing 120/208-volt 800 amp distribution panel. Fluorescent parabolic lighting in offices and
clean room fixtures in labs. Fire alarm and security system shall be reused with new card
readers in cell handling areas. All new data wiring.

Oil-less compressed air at 20 psi for one lab outlet and pneumatic valve actuation. New air
compressor in existing mechanical room. Regulation of compressed air at the outlet. Brazed copper
piping will be used. Vacuum pump and piping to achieve 29" Hg. The pump will be
re-circulating and located in the new mechanical room. A liquid ring pump set sized at 7 CFM with
two (2) pumps and storage tank. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) will be provided to outlets from
liquid CO2 dewars. Gaseous Oxygen (O2) will be provided to outlets from cylinders. The cylinders,
four per side, will be manifolded on a double-sided system and piped into the facility. Liquid
Nitrogen dewars will be tested and released to a segregated area.
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